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About EDBA Programme

This Executive DBA Programme is designed to align with contemporary practices in the management field to Provide learners with an opportunity to enhance and broaden their high-level comprehension of these vital domains within the professional landscape. Our program is thoughtfully tailored to accommodate mature learners who bring a wealth of academic or industry experience to their educational journey. It emphasizes the Acquisition of practical skills in tandem with a solid grounding in theoretical foundations.


Level 8 Diploma by OTHM 


The aim of the OTHM Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership Practice is to enhance strategic management and leadership abilities in managers who possess the authority and personal attributes to translate organizational strategy into effective operational performance.This qualification aligns with current practices in Strategic Management and Leadership, enabling learners to enhance their advanced understanding of strategic management and leadership within professional environments. It is well-suited for mature learners with prior academic or industry experience. The emphasis of this qualification is on practical skill development complemented by theoretical knowledge.

Successful completion of this qualification will empower learners to become independent and self-directed, equipped with the tools and motivation to continue learning, growing, and reflecting on their practice throughout their careers.

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Duration 2 years

You’re ready to take the next step in your career development. And you want to make the right choice in an EDBA programme me . Students from a variety of backgrounds have found the EDBA programme me at Cardiff School of Business offers the comprehensive and innovative business education they’re looking for. Through rigorous coursework and real-world experiences, you develop the management knowledge, analytical and problem-solving skills, and leadership abilities to blaze new trails in your career. You acquire a multidimensional perspective on the continually changing global business environment in which you must compete. And you gain the confidence of knowing you’re better prepared for the unknown challenges that lie ahead. You’re looking to fast track your career growth and can commit the time and resources to invest in going to school full-time. The Traditional EDBA is designed to give you an intensive and personal learning experience—and the chance to focus your energies exclusively on preparing for your future.

• Managing Strategic Change

• Project Development, Planning & Management

• Strategic Human Resource management

• Entrepreneurship & Innovation

• Strategic Financial Management

• Advanced Research Design and Methodologies

• Developing Research Capability

• Developing Strategic Management and Leadership Potenti

Explore the challenges and opportunities that CSB's EDBA programme me has to offer. Admission is highly competitive and is based on a number of factors: your fit within the programme me and potential contribution to a collegial learning environment, relevant work experience, leadership potential, letters of recommendation and a competitive GMAT score

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